About Zhen Guo

Artist's Statement:  Zhen Guo: Visions of Love and Fear



Zhen Guo’s art was nurtured in the crucible of China’s Cultural Revolution, and after the eleven years of repression, she was one of a few whose talent burst out, creating an art distinctly Chinese while absorbing influences and experimentations from the West.


Zhen’s art comprises her romantic vision of the world, but it is a world where love is beset by anxiety and doubt.  Love is her root emotion, more real to her than flesh and blood, but no matter how strong her feeling, there is little to give her comfort and security. Women, especially, are beset by uncertainty, fear and violence. Our lives, even if long, lead us to old age disease and death.  So, too, love is impermanent and can change or vanish in a moment. Zhen Guo expresses that intersection of powerful, life-yielding love and the ambiguity and terror that are in the background of our lives even in the best of times.