About Zhen Guo:  Resume and Curriculum Vitae
  Web:   www.zhenguoart.com   Email:  zhenguoart@aol.com   Facebook:www.facebook.com/zhenguoart
Existence Women’s Art Exhibition 798 Art Park, Songyang PRC October 2019
International Feminist Art Exhibition, Mexi Emporium Exhibition Space Changsha PRC May, 2018
International Fine Artists Charity Art Show, Rizhao PRC, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
Student Scholarship Foundation, Rizhao, PRC, 2011

“Muted Landscape” Published in China 2019

“Within Global Isolation” Online www.withinglobalisolation.com April 2020
“Ann Arbor Film Festival” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor March,2020
“Ink and Things” Wuhan Art Museum November Wuhan PRC November 2019 – February 2020
“Subversive Stitch” White Box Art Space New York NY October 2019
“Rise Up: Me too in China” Access Gallery New York, NY October 2019
“US-China College Art Summit” Penn State University, University Park PA USA August – September 2019
“Antidote” Mykonos Biennale Mykonos Greece Opening September 2019
“Warp and Woof” Gold Coast Art Center Great Neck NY September- December 2019
“Crashing the Party” Plaxall Gallery/LIC-A Long Island City NY July – August 2019
“Welcome to the Multiverse” Plaxall Gallery/LIC-A Long Island City NY July, 2019
“Cruzando el Puente” Mexico Contemporary Art Exhibition, Museo de la Cancilleria Mexico City July – August 2019
“Export 2019” Mid-Hudson Center for Contemporary Art Poughkeepsie, NY April – May 2019
“Women’s Art and Nesting Program” ZERO Art Center, Beijing PRC March – May 2019
“Nothing Without Intention” School of Visual Arts, Brooklyn NY April, 2019
“Cross Cultural Practices” New York Technology College, Brooklyn NY April – May 2019
“Chinese Landscape Rethought” Lyman-Alman Museum, New London CT. March – June, 2019
“Chinese Artists in America” Gold Coast Art Center Great Neck NY March 2019

“Map and Territory” Jili University, Beijing PRC November – December 2018
“Through Her Eye” Mana Contemporary Chicago, September 2018 -February 2019
“Please Touch: Body Boundaries” Mana Contemporary Art, Jersey City NJ April - August, 2018
“Punching Bags” and “Mother” International Feminist Art Exhibition, Mexi Emporium Exhibition Space
Changsha PRC, May, 2018
“BIJIE Dictionary Bi International Invitational Exhibition” Shanghai Meibo Art Museum, Shanghai PRC

“Abstract Art Exhibition of China: Chinese Art Seventh Anniversary” Suzhou Kenda Art Museum, Suzhou PRC
 December, 2017
“Color Field (1) – Female Artist International Exhibition” Wejnling Art Museum Kunming, PRC December, 2017
“Color Field (2) – Female Artist International Exhibition” Dounan Art Museum, Kunming PRC November 2017
Art Affects the Future” Changsha Meixi Art Museum, Hunan PRC,November, 2017
Wowu Shandong Wudi Di Village International Sculpture Garden Permanent Collection Xin Jiayuan PRC
September 2017
“Realistic and Abstract” Xicheng Time International Art Museum, Jinan, Shandong PRC, July 2017
“Third Annual Asian Art Exhibit: Asian Women Artists,” Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonbuk, ROK September 2017
“My Feminine Art and Experience” Lecture at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin PRC, May 2017
”Spring Awakening -2017 Chinese Female Artist Exhibition” Hebei Art Museum, March 2017

“Muted View,” Jiaxing Contemporary Art Museum, PRC, October 2016


“Lotus Pond,” Jiaxing Contemporary Art Museum, Jiaxing PRC, December 2015
”Art Biennial of Contemporary Women” Hebei Teachers’’ University Museum September 2015
“The Temperature” Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen PRC, August 2015

Prior Museum Exhibits
Shanghai Himalaya Museum, Shanghai PRC, 2014
Tianjing Art Museum, Tianjing PRC, 2014
“Guo Zhen’s Lotus “Guo Zhen Art Show.” Rizhao Art Museum, Rizhao PRC, 2013
“My Heart is Red,” Rizhao Art Museum, Rizhao PRC 2012
Museum of Rizhao City, Rizhao, Shandong, PRC. 2011
Museum of Rizhao City, Rizhao, Shandong, PRC. 2004
Museum of Rizhao City, Rizhao, Shandong, PRC. 2001

“A Denied Existence” Chinese American Arts Council Gallery 456, New York NY February, 2018

2012 - 2017
“A Woman Abreast” Zhen Guo Solo show Amerasia Art Gallery New York February, 2017
“Guo Zhen Contemporary Feminist Charity Art Show,” Rizhao PRC, October 2015
“Guo Zhen Contemporary Feminist Charity Art Show,” Yitai Art Space Hohahaote City PRC October 2015
”Soul Ink” Taihe Ar5t6 Gallery, Beijing 798,PRC May, 2014
“My Heart Is Red,” Connecticut College, New London CT, USA 2012

Prior Solo Shows
Fine Arts College of China, Hangzhou, PRC, 2001
Shanghai Art College, Shanghai, PRC, 2001
The Gallery of Shandong Art College, 2001
Avanti Gallery, San Francisco, 1989, 1990, 1992
B Street Gallery, San Diego, CA, 1990
Yangtze Art Gallery, Toronto, 1989
Mayoon Fine Asian Art, CA, 1988
York University, Toronto, 1987


“Identity Crisis” Royal Gallery, Brooklyn NY November – December 2019
“Becoming: Experimental Video Works” Eli Klein Gallery New York NY October – December 2019

“Muted Views” Empty:China Wanzhou International Abstract Art Exhibition, Guanzhou PRC May 2018
Lotus Paintings” Biennale Art History Invitational Exhibition Series 8, Shanghai March 2018

“Ethnic Chinese and their contribution to the world of art and culture” presented at St. Johns University,
 New York, July 2017
“American Chinese Art Association Annual Show,” Los Angeles CA, June, 2017
“Female Art and ‘Nest Planning’” Beijing Zero Art Center, 798 District Beijing. PRC May 2017
“Power of Art Colleges –Visual Arts” Yitai Art Space, Hohahaote City, PRC, April 2017
“Bi Jie Dictionary International Art Joint Invitational Exhibition,” Shanghai PRC March, 2017
“Wake Spring: 2017 Chinese Feminist Art Exhibition“ Hebei Art Museum, Shi Jia Zhuang, PRC, March 2017

“New York Asian Art Exhibition,” Amerasia Art Gallery, New York, December 2016
 “American Chinese Art Association Annual Show,” Shandong PRC, September, 2016
“New York Art Salon,” New York, July 2016
“Annual International Feminist Art Show,” Shanghai PRC, March 2016

“City Matrix,” Shenzhen PRC, December 2015
“Shenzhen Women’s Art Show,” Shenzen PRC 2015
“Artists United Against Breast Cancer” North Shore Art Guild, Port Jefferson, NY, September 2015
“Art of the Five” The Interchurch Center, New York, NY, September 2015
”Eye and Heart” Shenzhen Art Gallery, Shenzhen PRC, July 2015
“Power of Art Colleges –Visual Arts” Yitai Art Space, Hohahaote City PRC, April 2015

China National Painting Exhibition, Weifang, PRC, 2013, 2014
”Reality and Metaphor,” Nina Torres Fine Art, Miami Beach, FL, 2013
Six Summit Gallery Ivorytown, CT., 2013
“30 Rooms Exhibition,” Six Summit Gallery, New York, NY, 2013
Tai He Art Gallery, Beijing 798 Art District, Beijing PRC, 2013
Rizhao Art Museum, Rizhao PRC, 2011, 2012
“American Artists Professional League 84th Grand National Exhibition”, New York, 2012
“Shui Mo” Art Show, Nanjing PRC 2012
“Art Asia 2010,” Miami FL, 2010

Prior Exhibitions and Lectures
“New Chinese Occidentalism,” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY, 2005
“Uptown Art Stroll,” Cornerstone Center, New York, NY, 2003, 2005, 2007

“Ancient Melody,” Poly Auction House, Beijing PRC, 2015
“Where Am I Going,” Poly Auction House, Hong Kong 2015
“Jonnie has a New Toy;” Sotheby’s Beijing Auction, Beijing PRC, June, 2014
“Reclining Woman,” Sotheby’s Beijing Auction, Beijing PRC, June 2014
“Child’s View” Sotheby’s Hong Kong, October 2013

Vice-President, American Chinese Artist Association
Member, American Artists Professional League
Member, North American Artists Association
Member, Artist Association of China
Director, Uptown Arts Studio, New York, N