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Beyond the Open Door
Shandong Pictorial  "Dreams of an American Woman Artist
(In Chinese only)
Shandong Qioabao (In Chinese only)
Hongzhou Ribao (In Chinese only)
Rizhao Daily Paper published July 31, 2001 (In Chinese only)
Jinan Daily Paper published July 13 2001 (In Chinese only)
Media Coverage
Interview by "Beautiful Harbor" news magazine (In Chinese)
Feature on "Xin Wen" news magazine (In Chinese)
Zhen Guo' s Art (Documentary in Chinese)
Zhen Guo: Art and Life
Art Tip Top magazine No. 2, August 2011
Wen Jiao Zhou Kan, June 30, 2012
Huanghai Chen Kan, July 5, 2012
The Undeniable Existence by Guo Zhen
Dialog with Feminist Artist Zhen Guo
by Ni Ani