Muted View
zhenguoart_20200904094024.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094023.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094022.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094021.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094020.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094019.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094018.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094017.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094016.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094015.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094014.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094013.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094012.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094011.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094010.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094009.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094008.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094007.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094006.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094005.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094004.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094003.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094002.jpg zhenguoart_20200904094001.jpg
Zhen Guo presents a view of the world that is at once expansive and frightening. The images present a landscape as if from 36,000 feet, muted by both the gray color and the distance. Mountains, lakes, a sheer rock face wall, caldera, fields of snow, high and pointed peaks and rivers are joined and blended but not in the places or ways we expect. It is as if our vision of the natural world has been stirred, shaken, kneaded and merged.
We are entranced and at the same time afraid that, if we landed, there we could not find our way out.