Greater Than the Sum of a Part: Children's' art
I want to write a letter to my most kindly grandmother.

Although she is dead, her position in my mind is still important. When I was a child, my grandmother helped me by cooking, helping me do the laundry, and so many other things. She also told me many things. My grandmother loved me very much. My grandfather was hoping I would have a good future, so he very strict with me, every time I made a mistake he would punish me, but every time grandma told Grandpa not to be too strict.

I am so sad I did not time to repay her before she died. I miss her all the time every day. In my eyes she is the most wonderful person who loved me. my best grandmother. If she could live again, I would take care of her, honor her, and be with her every day.
Dear Mom:

You are in heaven, right? When I write these words,
my nose is runny, my tears streaming down.

Whenever my I see another kid with their mom, calling
out "mom" or lying in her mother's arms, or kissing
their mother's face I can only quietly shed tears.
On the holidays at someone's home for a reunion or a
party when everyone is busy with joyI also cry
my wishes: Mom, you come back.

Mom, you know? You are gone. Many times father, his
head covered with white hair, and sometimes he stares
blankly at the sky. I could feel father was thinking of you.
I am in third grade and the teacher speaks to me, just as you would.
I listen to the teacher, and my academics are excellent. Language, mathematics,
English each exam is 90% or higher grades. That's for you.

Do you know that now you are in heaven? Are you happy?

Please trust your dream with me.