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Zhen Guo "The Blue Man"   Acrylic on canvas

"The Blue Man"   Acrylic on canvas  2010

Zhen Guo "Farmers Market" 1999  Acrylic on canvas   76cm x 102cm

"Farmers Market"    1999    Acrylic on canvas    76cm x 102cm


Recycling Market   1999 Acrylic on Canvas 76cm x 102cm

Zhen Guo "Little Tiger"1999  Acrylic on canvas  41cm x 51cm

"Little Tiger"   1999    Acrylic on canvas    41cm x 51cm


"Portrait of Sweetness"Acrylic on canvas30cm x 41cm  2004

Zhen Guo "Portrait of Sweetness"  Acrylic on canvas  30cm x 41cm

Portrait of TT    Acrylic on canvas   30cm x 40cm  2005

Zhen Guo "Reaching 1" 1999  Acrylic on canvas    56cm x 71cm

"Reaching 1"   1999   Acrylic on canvas    56cm x 71cm

"Reaching 2"  1999.  Acrylic on canvas     56cm x 71cm

"Two Cups"   1999.  Acrylic on canvas     60cm x  60cm

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