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Innocence at the intersection of the Pathetique - Guo Zhen's painting

By Gao Minglu, 2003

Guo Zhen unites the sense of social responsibility and the deep traditional heritage of the Chinese painter. Guo Zhen, as early as the 1980s, was the teacher of the Chinese Painting Department of China Academy of Art, and also has more than 20 years’ experience in the United States. This international arts environment brings new inspiration and visions to Guo Zhen’s works.  In her art, Guo expresses true human nature as seen by a female artist: her figure painting is a symphony of personal experience and social criticism. When she conveys her personal experiences of bitterness, sorrow, and tears as both a woman and a painter, deep social issues are made clear. On the other hand, Guo Zhen’s paintings in traditional Chinese manner, especially flowers, fully demonstrate natural beauty and harmony. Her strong impressionistic style and novel composition presents us with the pure essence of the natural world. The world of Guo Zhen’s art is that place where innocence and sorrow collide.


高名潞, 2003


郭桢是一位有社会责任感的画家,同时也是具有深厚传统底蕴的中国画家。早在八十年代郭桢就已经是中国美术学院中国画系的教师。她有二十多年的旅美经历。国际艺术环境给郭桢的绘画带来灵感和新视野。郭桢在艺术中试图表达一位女性艺术家真诚的人性思考,她的人物画是个人经验和社会批判的交响。画面传达出来的苦涩、悲情和呐喊既是画家的个人体验也是女性社会问题的揭示。 另一方面,郭桢的中国画,特别是花卉则充分展现了自然美的一面。酣畅淋漓的写意风格和舒展新奇的构图向我们呈现了自然世界的纯真本质。郭桢的艺术世界是纯情和悲怆的交汇碰撞。

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